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bd_spoilme's Journal

Breaking Dawn... SPOIL ME!!!!
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All spoilers for the upcoming novel, Breaking Dawn, should be posted here!

B R E A K I N G ♥ D A W N
Well, since most communities are gonna start cracking down on Breaking Dawn spoilers the nearer we get to the release date, I felt it was time that a spoiler community was created especially for the purpose of SHARING SPOILERS.

♥ No trolling.
♥ Be polite to each other. We all belong to the same fandom, and we should act that way.
♥ Ship wars are petty. Let's just not go there, m'kay?
♥ Always follow the Posting Rules (see below).
♥ There's a reason it's called BREAKING DAWN_ spoil me. Discussion of the movies is not exactly welcome, unless it relates to Breaking Dawn. Discussion of anything not relevant to the topic of Breaking Dawn will not be tolerated.

→ Let's keep it child-friendly, yes? No swearing, no NSFW posts, no exceptions
→ Don't be a drama llama.
→ All pictures (with the exception of up to three small teasers) MUST be placed under a cut.
→ Whenever possible, please state your source.
→ Feel free to post theories and discussions, as well as general spoilers, as long as they are BREAKING DAWN related.
→ Please TAG your posts. If you want a tag to be added, please contact one of the maintainers (see below)
→ If you want to post a LEAK, please see this post.

If you choose NOT to follow these rules, you will be given two warnings. On your third offence, you will be deleted from the community. No exceptions.

Applied to get in bd_spoilme and rejected?

If you applied and are trying to figure why you did not get in, please pick one of the following reasons of why you were probably rejected:

- Never Updated
- Updated twice, four years ago.
- Updated more than twice, but none of which were within the last five weeks
- Zero comments given/recieved

With reports of people being contacted by lawyers through what they've posted in certain twilight communities, this screening is to protect the other members of the community.
If you would like to be reconsidered please send a PM to anomalouslyem

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